100 most common Arabic phrases sentences - Part 1 - Greetings - Kaleela

100 most common Arabic phrases sentences – Part 1 – Greetings

100 most common Arabic phrases sentences – Part 1 – Greetings

Do you like the pyramids? We do too. Let’s say you are going to an adventurous expedition to Egypt and discover that you have no idea how to communicate. You would need to know all the common phrases in Egyptian Arabic. Maybe you decide to go to an more Asian country like Syria or Jordan, in which case you would need to learn all the Jordanian slang phrases and Syrian Arabic phrases. This is very tiring. Luckily for you, formal Arabic or Fus’ha is fully recognized and understood by every Arabic-speaking country that ever existed.

We cannot list down EVERY single word, but there are certain phrases or short sentences that can be placed a comprehensive list to get through any conversation anywhere you go. Our list includes everything from wishing in Arabic to travel phrases to Arabic phrases for shopping and even romantic Arabic phrases. Right here and right now we are numbering the 100 most common Arabic phrases and Arabic sentences so you can go to any Arabic-speaking country without any limitations of language.   

Here are the 100 most common Arabic phrases and Arabic sentences to help you anywhere you go! 

  1. My name is…

  2. Do you speak (English/ Arabic)?
    Hal tatakallamu alloghah alenjleziah/ alarabiah?
    هل تتكلم اللغة الإنجليزية /العربية؟

  3. What’s your name?
    Ma esmouk? Ma esmouki?  
     ما إسمك؟

  4. Mr…/ Mrs.…/ Miss…
    Assayed…/ Assayeda…/ Al anesah …   
    السيد… /السيدة/ الانسة…

  5. Nice to meet you!
    Motasharefon/ motasharefatun (f) bema’refatek
    متشرف / متشرفة بمعرفتك

  6. You’re very kind!
    Anta lateef/ Anti lateefa   
    أنت لطيف! أنتِ لطيفة!

  7. Where are you from?
    Men ayna anta/ anti (female)?   
    من أين أنت؟

  8. I’m from (the U.S/ Morocco)
    Ana men (amreeka/ almaghrib)   
    (أنا من (أمريكا/ المغرب

  9. I’m (American)
    Ana (amreeki/ amrekiah (female)   
    أنا أمريكي/أمريكية

  10. Where do you live?
    Ayna taskun?/ Ayna taskuneen? (female)   
    أين تسكن؟ أين تسكنين؟

  11. I live in (the U.S/ France)
    A’eesho fel welayat almotaheda/ faransa
    أعيش في الولايات المتحدة/ فرنسا

  12. Did you like it here?
     Hal istamta’ta bewaqtika/ bewaqtiki (f) huna?   
    هل استمتعت بوقتك هنا؟

  13. Morocco is a wonderful country
    Al maghrib baladun jameel!   
    المغرب بلد جميل!

  14. What do you do for a living?
    Ma mehnatuk? Mehnatuki (female)  
     ما مهنتك؟

  15. I work as a (translator/ businessman)
    A’mal ka (motarjim/ rajul a’maal)   
    أعمل كمترجم/ كرجل أعمال

  16. I like Arabic
    Ohibbu allughah al arabia   
    أحب اللغة العربية

  17. I’ve been learning Arabic for 1 month
    adrusu allughah al arabia mundu shahr   
    أدرس اللغة العربية منذ شهر

  18. Oh! That’s good!
    Hada shay’un Jameel   
    هذا شيء جميل

  19. How old are you?
    Kam howa umruk? umroki (female)   
    كم هو عمرك؟

  20. I’m (twenty, thirty…) years old.
    Umri ( ‘eshreen/ thalatheen) sanah (th as in bath)
    عمري (عشرين/ ثلاثين) سنة

  21. I have to go now
    Yajebu an athhaba al aan! (th as in that)   
    يجب أن اذهب الآن

  22. I will be right back!
    Sa arje’o halan   
    سأرجع حالا