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A Few Outstanding Magazines to Help You Learn Arabic

A Few Outstanding Magazines to Help You Learn Arabic

Go to the magazine rack at your local bookshop or newsstand and you’ll see there’s a magazine for just about any topic you can think of.  It’s not any different in the Arab world either where you can also find an Arabic magazine for just about everything, which is a good thing if you want to practice and learn how to read Arabic fluently.

You see, just as an online Arabic audio course can help improve your listening skills, finding a blog in the Arabic language, or better yet, reading an Arabic magazine is an awesome way to help you improve your reading skills in Arabic. And since reading is an essential skill of any language, here are just a few magazines you can practice your reading skills with:


Forbes Middle East

Do you love reading about business with facts backed up by real data? If so, then Forbes Middle East is the magazine. You probably already know pr maybe even have read the English version. The Arabic version’s not much different and provides you with the engaging business articles you’d expect, only in Arabic which gives you a great chance to hone both your Arabic language reading skills and your business acumen at the same time.

National Geographic

Best for intermediate to advanced Arabic learners, National Geographic is not only a satellite channel, but it started out as a magazine way back on September 28, 1888. It’s come a long way since then and is now truly geographical magazine that it’s published in over 40 local languages including Arabic and still providing you with the most important up-to-date natural and cultural topics in the world, but with the addition of an enormous amount of features on Arab culture.



Arageek is a well-known online Arabic magazine, similar to BuzzFeed that posts articles on topics such as arts, education, technology, and more. If you’re having trouble understand an article or get stuck on a word or sentence that just seems unfamiliar, simply click on the affiliated link as most articles are translated from English, though you probably won’t need it as Arageek uses simple Arabic language that even those with just basic Arabic skills can easily comprehend.


Alef Today

Many Arabic language learners love this magazine because its chock full of some of the best Arabic literature you’ll find in magazine today. Whether its poems or stories, it tempts you to read each story with titles like  “Witness to Love” and “The First Sandal in the City of Shoes.” Give it a try and you’ll understand why it’s all the rage with Arabic students.

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