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Adverb Examples in Arabic


You might’ve seen our article regarding Arabic adjectives (link), so it’s only natural that we should show an example or two of what an adverb in Arabic is since the structure is used in everyday conversation. Moreover, it will help broaden your vocabulary and enable you to make more complex sentences. However, first we need to know what the role of adverbs is in the structure of Arabic grammar. Generally, they’re words that modify any part of language other than a noun. Adverbs can modify verbs, adjectives (including numbers), clauses, sentences and other adverbs.

Below is a list of adverbs of time, place, manner, and frequency in Arabic:

Adverbs Of Time

Yesterday in Arabic / Aams / أَمْس

Today in Arabic / Aleeawm / الْيَوْم

Tomorrow in Arabic / Ghada / غَدا

Now in Arabic / Alaan / الْآَن

Then in Arabic / Thom / ثُم

Later in Arabic / Feeemaa ba’d / فِيْمَا بَعْد

Tonight in Arabic / Hatheh allaeelah / هَذِه الْلَّيْلَة

Right now / Feee alwaqt alhaaleee / فِي الْوَقْت الْحَالِي

Last night in Arabic / Laeelah aams / لَيْلَة أَمْس

This morning in Arabic / Hathaa alsabaah / هَذَا الْصَّبَاح

Next week in Arabic / Alaosbow’ almoqbel / الْأُسْبُوْع الْمُقْبِل

Already in Arabic / Saabeqaa / سَابِقَا

Recently in Arabic / Mo’akhara / مُؤَخَّرا

Lately in Arabic / Mo’akhara / مُؤَخَّرا   

Soon in Arabic / Qareeeba / قَرِيْبا

Immediately in Arabic / Fawraa / فَوْرَا

Still in Arabic / Laa eeazaal / لَا يَزَال

Yet in Arabic / Ba’d / بَعْد

Ago in Arabic / Month / مُنْذ

Adverbs Of Place

Here in Arabic / Honaa / هُنَا

There in Arabic / honaak / هُنَاك

Over there in Arabic / Honaak / هُنَاك

Everywhere in Arabic / Feee kol makaan / فِي كُل مَكَان

Anywhere in Arabic / Feee aaee makaan / فِي أَي مَكَان

Nowhere in Arabic / Laa makaan / لَا مَكَان

Home in Arabic / Monazal / مُنَزَّل

Away in Arabic / ba’eeeda / بَعِيْدا

Out in Arabic / Khaarej / خَارِج

Adverbs Of Manner

Very in Arabic / Jadaa / جَدَّا

Quite in Arabic / Tamaamaa / تَمَامَا

Pretty in Arabic / Jameeel / جَمِيْل

Really in Arabic / Haqa / حَقّا

Fast in Arabic / Sareee’ / سَرِيْع

Well in Arabic / Jaeeed / جَيِّد

Hard in Arabic / Althaabet / الثَّابِت

Quickly in Arabic / Besor’ah / بِسُرْعَة

Slowly in Arabic / Bebot’ / بِبُطْء

Carefully in Arabic / Be’enaaeeah / بِعِنَايَة

Hardly in Arabic / Bealkaad / بِالْكَاد

Barely in Arabic / Bealkaad / بِالْكَاد

Mostly in Arabic / Feee alghaaleb / فِي الْغَالِب

Almost in Arabic / Taqreeban / تَقْرَيْبَا

Absolutely in Arabic / Eetlaqaa / إِطْلاقَا

Together in Arabic / Ma’aa / مَعَا

Alone in Arabic / Wahdahaa / وَحْدَهَا

Adverbs of frequency   

Always in Arabic / Daa’emaa / دَائِمَا

Frequently in Arabic / Katheeera / كَثِيْرا

Usually in Arabic / ‘aadah / عَادَة

Sometimes in Arabic / Aaheeaana / أَحْيَانا

Occasionally in Arabic / Aaheeaana / أَحْيَانا

Seldom in Arabic / Naaderaa maa / نَادِرَا مَا

Rarely in Arabic / Naadera / نَادِرا

Never in Arabic / Aabada / أَبَدا Once you’re done with Arabic adverbs, you might want to check the rest of our Arabic lessons. And never forget – practice makes perfect! So make sure you revise your lessons for maximum acqu