Airport conversation in Arabic – Learn Airport Vocabulary And Phrases

Let’s learn Arabic airport vocabulary like airplane, flight, hotel, and passport! Learn how to say airport announcements in Arabic too!

Airport conversation in Arabic – Learn Airport Vocabulary And Phrases

Welcome on board everyone! Today our destination is Arab Airport. This is a new airport to you, but has so much to offer. Please stow all luggage in the overhead bins and fasten your seatbelts. We would like to remind you that smoking is completely prohibited on board. The plane is ready for take-off. (You didn’t expect airport conversation, did you?)

Let’s try this airport announcement in Arabic:

Please stow all luggage in the overhead binsنرجو منكم وضع جميع الأمتعة في الخزائن العلوية/narjo minkom wad’ jamee’ al amti’a fi khaza’in al olowiya/
Please, fasten your seat beltsنرجو منكم ربط الأحزمة/najro rabt al ahzima/
Smoking is prohibited on boardالتدخين ممنوع على متن الطائرة/al tadkheem mamnoo’ ala matn al ta’ira/
The plane has started to take-off.بدأت الطائرة بالإقلاع/bada’at al ta’ira bil iqlaa’/

Let’s start with the basic Arabic airport vocabulary:

مطارAirport in ArabicMatar
طائرةAirplane in ArabicTa’ira
رحلة جويةFlight in ArabicRihla jawwiya
تذكرةTicket in ArabicTathkira
طيارPilot in ArabicTayyar
مضيفة جويةFlight attendant in ArabicModeefat tayaran
رقم رحلة الطيرانFlight number in ArabicRaqam rihlat al tayaran
بوابة الصعود للطائرةBoarding gate in ArabicBawabat al so’ood lil ta’ira
بطاقة الصعود للطائرةBoarding pass in ArabicBitaqat al so’ood lil ta’ira
جواز سفرPassport in ArabicJawaz safar
حقيبة يدCarry-on bag in ArabicHakeebat yad
حقيبة سفرSuitcase in ArabicHakeebat safar
أمتعةBaggage in ArabicAmti’a
مراقبة جواز السفرPassport control in ArabicMuraqabat jawaz safar
فندقHotel in Arabicfundu’

Learning how to say airport in Arabic is obviously not enough.

Now, let’s try to learn phrases that would help us get to the airport, through it, and out of it too

اليوم موعد السفرToday is the travel dateAl yawma maw’ido al safar
متى موعد الرحلة؟What time is the flight?Mata mawi’ido arihla?
عند الساعة…At…Inda asa’a…
هل حزمت أمتعتك؟Have you packed your bags?Hal hazzamta amti’atak?
نعم، أنا جاهزYes, I am readyNa’am ana jahiz
لو سمحت خذني الى المطارPlease take me to the airportLaw smaht khothni ela al matar
ساعدني بالحقائب لو سمحتHelp me with the luggage pleaseSa’idni bil haqaib law smaht
هذا جواز سفريThis is my passportHatha jawaz safari
كم حقيبة معك؟How many bags do you have?Kam hakeeba ma’ak
معي حقيبتانI have two bagsMa’i hakebatan
متى موعد صعود الطائرة؟When is boarding time?Mata maw’id so’ood al tyyara?
هذه تذكرتيThis is my ticketHathihi ta-thkirati
هذا الجواز و عليه التأشيرةThis is the passport and inside is the visaHatha al jawaz wa alayhi al ta’sheera
من فضلك أين السوق الحر؟Excuse me, where is the duty free shop?Min fadlik aynal sooq al horr?
أين الحمامWhere is the bathroom?Aynal hammam?
من فضلك أين مقعدي؟Excuse me, where is my seat?Min fadliki ayna maq’adi?
أنا في الدرجة السياحيةI am in the economy classAna fil daraja al siyahiya
متى ستقلع الطائرة؟When will the plane take off?Mata satoqli’ al ta’ira?
متى موعد الوصول؟When is arrival time?Mata maw’id al wosool?
هل من تأخير؟Will there be a delay?Hal min ta’kheer?
متى أستطيع أن أتحرك من مقعدي؟When can I move from my seat?Mata astatee’ an ataharak min mkani?
أين أستلم حقائبي؟Where do I collect my luggage?Ayna astalim haka’ibii?
أين أجد عربة لأضع حقائبي؟Where do I find a trolley for my bags?Ayna ajido araba li ada’ hakai’bi?

Your flight is over…

The plane has started to descend; please return to your seats.

Thank you for flying with us and we hope you had a pleasant flight.

And as the Arabs say: الحمد لله على سلامة الوصول /al hamdulilah ala salamat al wosool/ meaning “Thank God for safe arrival.”

See you next time!

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