Attractions in Cairo, Egypt


Attractions in Cairo, Egypt

Attractions in Cairo, Egypt are endless. There is so much to see in this beautiful country. Looking for places to handout with friend in Cairo? Keep on reading to find out all about the unique things to do in Cairo.

Coptic and Islamic Cairo

One of the most important places in ancient Egypt is its religious cities. The one and only Coptic Church of Egypt is actually Africa’s first church. It was apparently introduced by St. Mark. On the other hand, Islamic Cairo has fascinating architecture that is just as beautiful. You’ll have many things to do in downtown Cairo. Although these are old places in Cairo, it is definitely worth the trip.

Pyramids of Giza

You didn’t think we would go through this list without putting these pyramids right at the top, did you? Well, this happens to be one of Egypt’s most visited sites and most popular as well. It has been 4,500 years and these pyramids withstood all weathers and conditions. No wonder it is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. If you are considering finding places in ancient Egypt that are perfect tourist attractions in Egypt, then this is it. Take out your Egypt attractions map and head on the trail.

Great Sphinx

This is yet another monument to be captivated by. Not only is it incredibly large, but it is also the oldest monument out there. Its structure is also very impressive and entertaining. First there is the head of a pharaoh, and then it continues to show a lion. So Pharaoh-inspired lion? We’re not really sure, and neither are archaeologists. They don’t even know when it was built or why for that matter. This mystery adds up to the excitement of this extremely special sculpture. 

Egyptian Museum

From big monuments to big secrets held captive in big buildings, the Egyptian museum is a must-see. This museum is so big; you would need about a year to actually see everything. Yes, it is that huge. This is because there are over 100,000 artefacts in there. To save yourself some time, search up everything you want to know about ancient Egypt and head straight to the area you would like. I don’t think you want to spend an entire year in a museum.

Salah El-Din Citadel

This list wouldn’t be complete without this amazing citadel. It was one of the most important non-pyramid sites in Egypt. It contains many sites within it as it was built by Salah El-Din Al Ayoubi during his reign. However, the most famous one and probably the most visited is the Mosque: Mohammed Ali Mosque.

Khan El-Khalili

If you are ready for shopping, so are we. Here you get squeeze yourself through the busy, narrow streets of Cairo. You’ll find all the herbs that spice up the country. It has every souvenir idea you could possibly imagine too.

So there you have it. Here’s your list of the best attractions in Cairo, Egypt. This doesn’t mean all of them. If we were to write everything down, it would take forever. There is nothing like a little vacation with friends and family to archaeological places that can teach us a lot about previous civilizations.

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