Join us for this second part of a five-part series on 100 of the core Arabic words and phrases that can help you start learning Arabic today!

Welcome back to the second part our five-part series on 100 essential words and phrases that you should know if you’re just learning Arabic for beginners.  Once again, we’ve also included some example phrases and questions that you can see the word used in. The more you learn Arabic language vocabulary, the more you’ll find yourself picking up more and more vocabulary along the way....

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In this article, find out about the charming effects Arab music has on its listeners and how one woman managed to change the music world.

Walk through any Arab neighborhood on any normal day and you’re no doubt going to hear the music of Oum Kalthoum playing through the windows of quite a few houses. Oum Kalthoum was an Egyptian singer, songwriter, and film actress known for her vocal ability and unique style. She was active from the 1920s until her death in the 1970s. She was so loved in the Middle East,...

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how are you in arabic

So you’ve learned to say “Hello” and a handful of other basic greetings in Arabic at least a dozen ways, but there’s more to conversation than just saying “Hi”. When you’re Arabic speaking friend says, “Hello, how are you?” in Arabic you want at the very least to be able to say, “I am good” in Arabic, and that’s what this article is all about...

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