Iraqi Dialect

When learning Arabic, students are confused if they should learn Modern Standard Arabic or a dialect. This article sheds some light

“Should I learn Modern Standard Arabic or a local dialect?” That’s the question our app users ask us the most here at Kaleela. However, it’s a question that none of us can really give a sure answer to. Truth be told, the reason is because the answer really depends on you and why you’re learning Arabic. Thus, to help you decide, we’re presenting the pros...

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Many students will tell you that they go right into studying an Arabic dialect. Let us help ease the confusion of choosing which Arabic dialect.

You’ve seen us mention the fact that Arabic is one of the fastest-growing languages in the world. It moved up from fifth to fourth place in 2019’s list of most often used languages to learn. For example, there are 422 million speakers in the world. And with that many people, it’s no wonder there are so many dialects. If you’re looking to study Arabic, trying...

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Spoken Arabic can be tricky. You need to differentiate between the various dialects. Here you can see the difference between Egyptian and Iraqi Arabic

When we think of Iraq, we usually picture a war-torn country after suffering from decades of chaos. It is hard to think of it as a thriving or even functional place. But before the wars, Iraq was a modernized country full of rich culture, language, and ethnic groups. Traveling between Iraq and Egypt is like being in two different worlds. Iraq has several different languages. You will find Kurdish...

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