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A capital is the seat of a nation. Moreover, it often also serves as the chief finance, people, cultural, or academic center of a country. In fact, they so closely relate to their countries that the news will quite often use the name of the city instead of the name of the capital’s country. For example, "deals made between Amman and Cairo" refer to "deals made between Jordan and...

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As summer nears an end, you should already have a plan in place on where you want to study Arabic. One thing’s for sure, with over 290 million native speakers in more than 20 countries, we understand that it’s not that easy to choose which one of the Arabic speaking countries would be the best place to learn Arabic. But whether or not you were...

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It’s 2005 and I’ve landed a job as a language instructor in Amman, Jordan, at a prestigious Arab-American language learning academy. As soon as they told me I had the position and hung up the phone, I start thinking to myself that I should probably learn to speak Arabic a little before I leave America. After all, I’d be there for a year and would probably want to go out and...

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