Ah, Spring! That time of year when, as Alfred, Lord Tennyson put it, “a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.”

How about you? Are you a young man or young woman who likes when spring rolls in, the weather start getting warmer, the flowers start blooming, and the birds start singing again? Does your fancy turned to love this time of year. Even more, is the object of your affection a native Arab speaker and you wish you knew some sweet Arabic words that you could say to them?

Well, today is your lucky day, Lothario. You see, in today’s post, we’re going to teach you some Arabic love phrases and Arabic love messages with English translation. We’ve even included different ways to say I love you in Arabic in their male and female variations. Now, whether your intended is an Arabic boy or Arabic girl, you’ll know exactly what to say to get their attention. Hey, if it doesn’t work out, remember the Arabic word for “peace” is سلام (salaam).

However, even if you don’t have anyone in mind that you fancy, you can use them to impress your family and friends. Furthermore, use them whenever you can, as much as you can. After all, what the world needs now more than ever is love, sweet love.

Habibi or Habibti (حبيبي/حبيبتي)

In Arabic, habibi (for a boy) and habibti (for a girl) means “my love”. Arabs use this as the most common expression of love. What’s more, you’ll hear them use it for their friends, family, and sometimes, even strangers.

Hayati (حياتي)

Most commonly heard in Arabic songs about love, hayati means “my life”. After all, isn’t that what couples say to each other that shows how much they will give to one another? Besides music, you’ll hear the Lebanese using this word a lot. However, you can use it anywhere they speak Arabic and people will understand you no matter their dialect.

Rohi (روحي)

Rohi means “my soul mate”. So calling someone rohi must mean you’ll love them a lot longer than your life.

Eayni (عيني)

To tell an Arab that he or she is your eye doesn’t mean you’ll always be watching them. You see, eyes are considered to be a treasure in the Arab world. Thus, calling someone eayni means you’ll treasure them forever. And when you hear Amr Diab sing حبيبي يا نور العين/ habibi, ya nour el ein (“you’re the light of my eye”), could it get any more romantic?

Albi (قلبي)

The universal sign for love is, of course, the heart. Thus, with that in mind, it’s only natural to call somebody albi or “my heart”. Plus, everybody knows that your heart, like your love, is something you can’t live without.

Ma Atyaback or Ma Atyabeck (ما أطيبَك /ما أطيبِك)

This is the equal to saying “How cute are you?” in English. It’s used much the same way: when somebody does something that you find cute, you’d say ma atyaback or ma atyabeck. Use this if you think that just the way they smile at you is cute.

Bahlam Feek or Bahlam Feeki (حلمت بك/ حلمت بك)

As the song goes, “Whenever I want you all I have to do is dream.” Thus, if you want to tell your crush that you dream about them, simply say “Bahlam feek!” (to a male) or “Bahlam feeki!” (to a female).

Wahashtini (وحشتيني)

Wahashtini means “I miss you” and it’s a famous saying among Egyptians say to tell their beloved how they feel the minute they are apart from each other.

Ya Amar (يا قمر)

What is the moon but a bright light to show you the way through the darkness. Tell your significant other that there are the light in your life by calling them ya amar – “the moon”!

Tu’burni (تقبرني)

Literally meaning, “bury me”. it means you hope that they put you in the ground before them because you couldn’t bear living without them.

Ana Bahebak or Ana Bahebik (أنا بحبَك/ بحبِك)

Finally, there’s the simple tried and true straightforward way to say “I love you” – ana bahebak for a boy or ana bahebik for a girl.

Now that you know a few ways to express your feelings, you’re likely going to want to find other things to talk about eventually. However, don’t worry because we got your back there, too. Simply download the Kaleela Arabic Learning App and start speaking Arabic today. From your family to your work to the weather, you’ll be able to speak about a wide range of subjects in no time at all. Find out more by visiting us at kaleela.com and start speaking Arabic anytime, anywhere.

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