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Learn Basic Arabic Words: Part One

Basic Arabic Words and Phrases

Learn Basic Arabic Words: Part One

Hello and welcome to part one of our five-part series on 100 essential words and phrases that you should know if you’re just learning Arabic for beginners.  We’ve also included some example phrases and questions that you can see the word used in. Don’t worry if you don’t know all of the words in our examples. As you continue to learn Arabic language skills, you will find yourself picking up more and more vocabulary along the way. Right now, however, just focus on learning these 20 words and by the end of the series, you’ll have learned 100 of the core words and phrases to start you on your Arabic journey.

100 Core Arabic Vocabulary Words and Phrases (Part 1)

English Transliteration Arabic
week ʾusbuʿ أسبوع
year sana سنة 
today alyawm اليوم 
tomorrow gadan غداً 
yesterday ams أمس 
calendar taqwim تقويم 
second taniyah ثانية 
hour saʿa ساعة 
minute daqiqa دقيقة
o’clock assaʿah الساعة
clock saʿah ساعة 
could ʾistataʿa إستطاع 
use ʾistahdama إستخدم 
do qama قام
go daHaba ذهب 
come ʾta أتى
come towards ʾata nahw أتى نحو
laugh yadahik يضحك 
cry yabki يبكي
make qama قام

So, there are your first twenty words and phrases to get you started. If you would like to learn more Arabic vocabulary and phrases, why not download the Kaleela Arabic language app to your IOS or Android device? It’s the best way to learn Arabic because it’s full of lots more to learn that goes way beyond these core Arabic words.
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