Listening skill

We at Kaleela believe that in order to speak well, you must listen well. Listening comprehension is a very important skill in language learning. If a student can achieve a high level in comprehension, all other skills will follow.

Through listening, an individual can recognize the pattern Arabic language follows and will be able to learn to speak Arabic fluently and master the Arabic pronunciation. That’s why students who focus and isolate a sound or some structure in the midst of what they are listening to were able to retain the information better and later on moving to more confident speaking.

Without understanding input appropriately, learning simply cannot get any improvement. In addition, without listening skill, no communication can be achieved. Every study conducted regarding language skills acquisition has proved that when we communicate, we gain 45% of language competence from listening, 30% from speaking, 15% from reading and 10% from writing. This is particularly important when students want to learn Arabic language, either Modern Standard Arabic or Arabic dialects.

Thus, listening precedes the action of when one might want to learn to speak Arabic. That’s why Kaleela offers lessons and practices that develop the listening skill, through the variety of recordings of letters and vocabulary.