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Oh, Baby! Basic Arabic Words for the New Mother

Basic Arabic Words for the New Mother

Oh, Baby! Basic Arabic Words for the New Mother

So, you’re having a baby! Allah yija’alu min ithurriyyah isalha  or “May God make it a good/worthy offspring!” Having a baby is a very exciting step for you and your spouse, and if you live in one of the Arabic speaking countries, knowing how to speak Arabic phrases for having a baby to help you in bringing up baby healthy and happy.

Of course, while you were pregnant, you and your spouse probably talked about many things when it comes to raising your newborn such as whether mommy will تُرضِع / turdi’ / ”breastfeed”  or رضاعة / radaa’ah/ “bottle feed” your precious little gift. Later, as your little boy or girl grows, you may decide to يصنع طعام الأطفال / yasna’u ta’aam al’atfaal / “make baby food” at home to اطعام / it’aam / “feed” your baby instead of buying it pre-made from a store. Just don’t forget to يضع مريلة / yada’u maryalah /”put on a bib” to protect all of those cute little ملابس اطفال / malaabis ‘atfaal / “baby clothes” you bought in anticipation of your newborn; otherwise, you will have to يغير الملابس / yughaiyr al malaabis / “change clothes” for the baby quite often.

Soon, after giving birth, your family and friends will want to see your precious little baby. They may come to visit you at your house, but eventually you will want to get out of the house to visit them or just go for a walk just for a change of scenery. This means you will need to get a عربة اطفال/ ‘arabat ‘atfaal / “baby stroller” to help you and your baby get around. If your are traveling by car you will also need to يشتري مقعد سيارة / yashtari maq’ad sayyaarah / “buy a car seat”, which is mandatory in some countries for the safety of your baby. And if you are out and about visiting friends, shopping, or going out to eat, don’t forget to take along extra حفاضات / hafaddaat / “diapers”, بودرة اطفال / budrit ‘atfaal / “baby powder”, مناديل مبللة / manaadeel mubllalah / “wet wipes”, and كريم طفح الحفاظ / kreem tafh alhafaath / “diaper rash cream” in case you have to يغير حفاضة / yuġhayyir hafaatha / “change a diaper” while you’re out.

Once your back home, you may decide to يستحم / yastahim / “bathe” your baby and afterwards, يأخذ قيلولة / ya’khudu qayloolah / “take a nap”. If baby has trouble falling asleep, try يغني أغنية أطفال /yughanee ‘ughniyyat ‘atfaal /”singing a lullaby” until baby falls asleep.

Having a baby is truly a blessed event. We hope that this post helped you learn basic Arabic words and phrases and you find it easier bringing up baby in an Arabic speaking family or country.

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