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The love of sports throughout the UAE has grown in the country in the last few decades. Find out which Arab sports are tops among the Emirati population.

Sports have been around as long as the Middle East has been around.  In fact, archaeologists have found wall carvings that depict wrestling scenes from the time of pharaohs. Arab sheikhs have flown their falcons across Arabian skies for hundreds of years. At the same time, Bedouins have raced their Arabian steeds across the desert sands. In the UAE, they still race their camels too....

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In this article you’ll score points with your Arabic speaking friends by learning vocabulary and grammar for Arab sports.

No matter where you travel in the world, you’ll find people that love playing riyaaDa (sports), and this is also especially true of Arabs. Whether it’s individual sports like ملاكمة / mulaakamah (boxing) or team sports like كرة القدم الامريكية / kurat alqadam al’amreekiyah (rugby), you’re sure to find an Arab audience for it. Without a doubt, however, the most popular sport in the Arab world is كرة القدم / kurat alqadam  In fact, it is the...

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Physical activities are important for Arabs, exercises are related to religious festivals and celebrations of the seasons. Let's check popular Arab sports

When most people think about the word sports, they think of conventional games such as soccer, cricket, and baseball, but in the Arab countries, sports often have another definition. Indeed, conventional sports are practiced throughout the region, and physical activities were part of Arab culture centuries before colonialism. Though the development of sports into the twenty-first century has intersected with important cultural and historical processes,...

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