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So you’re a science geek and want to know something about Arab scientists? We have a list of the best Arabic inventions and the geniuses behind them.

Alkaline, alcohol, chemistry, astrology… Did you know that there are many Arab scientists that contributed to so many fields of study? In fact, they were so many Arab scientists that were so ahead of their time and their European counterparts! The list of fields and contributions they made goes on and on but today we’ll discuss a few! Who is Ibn Batuta? Ibn Batuta was an Arab...

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Learning about Arabic homes interior and exterior will give you a fresh look on the Arab world. Click here to find out about old Arabic houses and designs.

Every culture has its own unique style and Arabic culture is no different. The architecture is just another way of expression. These forms of expressions only come from their own perspective on life. The traditions and culture play a huge role in this. After all, it is just another way of representation. Inwards VS Outwards: The Exterior Most non-Arab homes, specifically European ones, have their houses built...

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