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If you’re learning Arabic but you’re afraid of making common Arabic mistakes, then read this article and learn from the mistakes of others.

One of our favorite quotes is by the late Dr. Weston Agor,  once a world-renowned professor of public administration. He once said, “Making common Arabic mistakes simply means you are learning faster.”  However, if we believe the dear professor’s sage words are true, then most of us should have been speaking Arabic after only two weeks. Or at least that’s how we’ve all felt at...

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Worried about learning Arabic fast? We got you covered with the right ways on how to learn Arabic the fastest way. Click here for more.

You may be wondering how to learn Arabic fast. With us, you will know all about the tips and tricks of doing it the best way. We call it the Kaleela way. Listen to this.. There are so many ways of learning languages nowadays. Education has evolved and people look for the best ways every single day. Unfortunately, due to the new discoveries in education, technology, and...

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