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Get Smart on Your Smartphone: Using a Mobile Phone in Arabic

If you’re a regular globetrotter (jawal in Arabic), you’ll likely find yourself in the Middle East at some point. And unless you have a global mobile plan, you’ll likely need a Middle Eastern mobile service to use your smartphone. What’s more, you’ll have to learn certain phrases like “I have to charge my phone” in Arabic. Maybe you’ll have to make a call in Arabic...

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In order for you to make sentences, of course, you would need the verbs! Please check out this article about common Arabic verbs

Ahlan wa Sahlan! We’ve previously posted articles related to basic Arabic words and phrases, but then we realized that, no matter how many nouns you might know, you’ll also need Arabic verbs to construct a sentence! You might know how to say school in Arabic, but what’s the point if you don’t know how to ask, “Where is the school?” in Arabic? Or you might know how...

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