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Arab culture has its own traditions, like the ones for an Arabic wedding or for baptism in Arabic countries. Check this article for Arabic customs

The customs of Arab culture are unique and vast. This makes sense since the Arab world is made up of 22 countries. Arabic language and Muslim faith are dominant in the Arab population. However, the Arab World experiences a certain amount of diversity. Several languages are spoken in the territories of the 22 countries. For example, Darija is a language spoken in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia....

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Want to learn basic Arabic words? Why not start with the most common words so you'll be able to read and write in Arabic in no time.

Ahlan wa Sahlan! That would be a common greeting in Arabic, and if you will stay with us for this article, you will see what it means further down this composition. As you might have guessed already, here we will be mainly focusing on basic Arabic words, greetings, expressions, and questions. As you probably know, what would be the first thing you learn in a new...

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