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Have you wondered what are the names of various professions in Arabic and how people pronounce in Arabic their names? Check out this article

I have worn many hats throughout my professional career. My very first job as a teenager was working as طاه – taahi (cook) at a famous fast food restaurant. Later, I was a مشغل الراديو - mushghil arraadyu (radio operator), حارس أمن - haaris ‘amn ( security guard),  خطاط – ‘Khatat (sign painter), and even worked for a while in بناء الطرق - binaa’ atturuq...

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Let’s take a look at a few jobs in Middle East and how Arabs view them, as they weigh differently, depending on how much stability, prestige or payment

In a world where fast-paced technological advancements cut a lot of jobs, there still remain a few professions that stand the test of time. Truth be told, a few countries might pay more for a specific job if the industry is flourishing there. Also, some jobs might weigh differently for Arabs, depending on a few factors. For example, how much stability and prestige the post...

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