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What’s Cooking? Using Food to Learn Arabic Language

You know one of the great things about learning Arabic is you get to learn about Arabic culture. And you know one of the great things that comes along with learning about Arab culture? That’s right! It’s all that delicious Arab cooking. And what’s the greatest thing about learning about all this delicious food? You get to TASTE all of that delicious Arabic food.  Seriously,...

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Arabs have their own way of eating Arabic food, it's part of Arab culture. When you learn Arabic language, you will surely catch these customs.

The late American chef, world traveler, raconteur and foodie Anthony Bourdain once said, “You learn a lot about someone when you share a meal together”. No words could ring more true if you are studying Arabic and want to learn more about the culture. Arabs are known for their hospitality, that's for sure. In fact, they will invite you for a meal, either at a...

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