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If you’re looking to learn Arabic dialects, especially Jordanian dialect, we’ve got you covered. Check this article for the most important words

Whether you plan on vacationing to Petra, doing business in Irbid, or introducing yourself to your new Jordanian neighbors, these 50 Jordanian words should help you in any situation in Jordan. Greetings in Jordanian Arabic EnglishTransliterationJordanian ArabicHello in Arabic marḥaba! مرحبا Good morning in Arabic sabah al-khair صباح الخير How are you in Arabickeef haalak (m.)keef haalik (f.)كيف...

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Join us for this second part of a five-part series on 100 of the core Arabic words and phrases that can help you start learning Arabic today!

Welcome back to the second part our five-part series on 100 essential words and phrases that you should know if you’re just learning Arabic for beginners.  Once again, we’ve also included some example phrases and questions that you can see the word used in. The more you learn Arabic language vocabulary, the more you’ll find yourself picking up more and more vocabulary along the way....

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Come join the celebration by learning about World Arabic Language Day and by learning a little bit of the Arabic language.

Happy World Arabic Language Day!Every year since December 18, 2012, the whole world has been coming together to celebrate World Arabic Language day on December 18, because that’s the day in 1973 that Arabic became the sixth official language of the General Assembly of the United Nations. One of the most widely spoken languages in the world, Arabic is used in everyday life by over 290...

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