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To understand a people and their culture, first understand their language. Start your understanding of Arabic in this brief history of the possible origins.

To fully appreciate the Arab people and their culture, you need to also understand the Arabic language. These both are fundamentally connected to each other. Just as Arab culture is very rich and complex, so Arabic is also a very rich language. It has a history as complex as the history of the Arabic speaking countries that use the language. Today’s article will explore the...

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Arabic Calligraphy

Calligraphy is one of the oldest and most respected forms of art. Although interest in the art may have declined in other parts of the world, Arabic-speaking countries did not forget this two-thousand-year-old tradition. When people think of Arabian calligraphy, they tend to think that it’s synonymous with Islamic calligraphy; however, the Arabian Peninsula was home to various Semitic languages before the spread of Islam. In...

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