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Learn Arabic language skills and get to work with these six great career choices! You never know where learning Arabic might take you to.

Why are you learning Arabic? Is it because you love to learn languages? Maybe you’ve always dreamed of visiting the pyramids in Cairo. Maybe you’ve met someone you’re interested in and want to be able to communicate with them in their own language. Whatever the reason, when I ask this question to most Arabic language learners, I’ve found that there are pretty much two main reasons why they...

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Let’s take a look at a few jobs in Middle East and how Arabs view them, as they weigh differently, depending on how much stability, prestige or payment

In a world where fast-paced technological advancements cut a lot of jobs, there still remain a few professions that stand the test of time. Truth be told, a few countries might pay more for a specific job if the industry is flourishing there. Also, some jobs might weigh differently for Arabs, depending on a few factors. For example, how much stability and prestige the post...

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