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Would you like a visit to Wadi Rum desert with sweeping red sand dunes and towering sandstone arches? Read all about how you can visit

Wadi Rum is a vast, nearly unpopulated valley about the size of New York City that sits on the western edge of the Arabian Desert in southern Jordan. Throughout the valley are colossal rock formations, undulating sand dunes, and clear night skies that create a kind of otherworldly fairyland. If you’re doing a little Wadi Rum camping at night you will see why this enchanting land...

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Read how incredible the views are from this real castle in the sky and why you should make Ajloun one of you many stops when touring Jordan

About an hour-and-a-half’s drive north of Amman is the famous Ajloun castle. Sitting on top of Mt. Auf (1,250m), it was built sometime between 1184 and 1188 by ‘Izz ad Din Usama bin Munqidh. He was a general and nephew of Saladin, the leader of the Muslim military campaign against the Crusaders in the Levant. From the castle you get an idea of why this...

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What was once a might Crusader fortress are now crumbling ruins that remind us of times long ago. See here why you should visit Jordan’s Karak Castle

Karak is a city in the Karak Governate which lies about 130 kilometers km (around 81 miles) south of the Jordan’s capital city of Amman. Atop a nearby hill is what remains of what once was a might Crusader fortress. The largest of three castles (the other two being in Syria) now lies in ruins near the city of Karak. This ancient relic played a crucial role in the...

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