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Can you have a conversation in Arabic with only basic Arabic words? Read on to find out the answer!

Probably one of the most frequently asked questions we get from those who are learning Arabic for beginners is, “How many words do I need to know to start having conversations in Arabic? Are the basics enough?” Well, to answer your second questions first, yes, the basics are enough. But that's only if you want to have a basic conversation in Arabic. As far as...

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We often get asked if there are audiobooks available in Arabic. The answer is yes! Find out where you can get them by reading this article now

A lot of Arabic articles focus on how to learn to read Arabic better or learn to speak Arabic better. However, it's few and far between that you’ll find articles to help you with your listening comprehension skills. This is mostly because, until recently, there haven’t been a whole lot of resources to practice your Arabic listening skills outside of Arabic audios on YouTube or...

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After reading this article on the benefits of learning Arabic, you’ll be asking yourself, “How do I start learning Arabic language skills now?”

As the Arab world becomes more and more prominent on the world stage, the advantages of learning Arabic are escalating. Perhaps the most useful real world skill to exist right now is having Arabic language skills. If you’re thinking about taking the time to learn Arabic rather than expecting the Arabic speaking countries of the Middle East to accommodate your language, you are a rare breed...

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