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Choosing dialect to learn can be a bit tricky to figure out. However, Kaleela tries to make it easier to choose in this article on Arabic dialects.

We’ve already told you about the perks of learning Arabic. It can boost your career, help you meet new people, and add new places to your travel bucket list. Indeed, Arabic is an ancient language that’s been around for thousands of years. On the other hand, millions of folks from all around the world speak the language today. Moreover, you’ll find that people from all...

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When learning Arabic, students are confused if they should learn Modern Standard Arabic or a dialect. This article sheds some light

“Should I learn Modern Standard Arabic or a local dialect?” That’s the question our app users ask us the most here at Kaleela. However, it’s a question that none of us can really give a sure answer to. Truth be told, the reason is because the answer really depends on you and why you’re learning Arabic. Thus, to help you decide, we’re presenting the pros...

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We often get asked if there are audiobooks available in Arabic. The answer is yes! Find out where you can get them by reading this article now

A lot of Arabic articles focus on how to learn to read Arabic better or learn to speak Arabic better. However, it's few and far between that you’ll find articles to help you with your listening comprehension skills. This is mostly because, until recently, there haven’t been a whole lot of resources to practice your Arabic listening skills outside of Arabic audios on YouTube or...

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