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Read this article and find out why a great time to learn Arabic is in the good ol’ summertime.

Many of us can’t wait until summer. We sit around the fireplace bundled up all winter making plans for when summertime finally arrives. As the American author, journalist and essayist Charles Bowden once said: “Summertime is always the best of what might be.” Some plan to go on summer holiday. Others may choose to stay at home and take advantage of the extra daylight. They might...

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Looking for a better job? How about a more satisfying personal life? Learn Arabic language and you can reap all the benefits from becoming bilingual.

How is it that some people who are learning Arabic for beginners can dive straight into Arabic conversations knowing only a little vocabulary while others who have studied the language extensively are still afraid to speak it? Beyond just feeling uncomfortable, research has shown that feeling anxious when it comes to speaking Arabic can cause you to have self doubt, which can, in turn, affect...

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Check out our article on how to learn Arabic vocabulary, where we share tips and tricks. Learn Arabic efficiently and without getting bored.

Do you want to learn Arabic vocabulary efficiently? Let’s say you just decided to study Arabic. You started quite enthusiastically, thinking that soon you will be able to speak and write Arabic. You subscribed to a few YouTube channels, listen to a few Arabic audiobooks, checked the alphabet and maybe you even tried to play some Arabic games on your phone. Soon enough, your enthusiasm...

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