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What’s Cooking? Using Food to Learn Arabic Language

You know one of the great things about learning Arabic is you get to learn about Arabic culture. And you know one of the great things that comes along with learning about Arab culture? That’s right! It’s all that delicious Arab cooking. And what’s the greatest thing about learning about all this delicious food? You get to TASTE all of that delicious Arabic food.  Seriously,...

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Arabic food and Arabic language - two of our favorite things. Read on and learn how you can combine them together to improve your Arabic language.

Arab cuisine has some of the most delicious dishes in the world. So why not combine your love of food with your language learning to both satiate your hunger and improve your Arabic? 1. Look in Your Fridge If some of the food you buy is imported from overseas, sometimes the labels might come in different languages including Arabic. If the label doesn’t have Arabic, try using...

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