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The Best Way to Learn Jordanian Dialect Online

Jordanian Arabic

The Best Way to Learn Jordanian Dialect Online

So, you’ve studied Modern Standard Arabic and you feel like it’s time you honed your language skills and you’ve decided to study the Jordanian dialect. However, with so many Arabic dialects to choose from, why learn the Jordanian one?

“Well,” you might answer, “I’ve heard about the Egyptian dialect and how it got to be a popular dialect to learn because of the influence of Egyptian films and TV series. And I’ve heard how some people study Gulf Arabic because they want to break into the Arab business world and the Gulf countries are supposedly the place to do it. All of that is great, but I chose Jordanian Arabic because I think learning this dialect has a lot to offer me.”

“First, Jordanian Arabic isn’t that different from Modern Standard Arabic, which I’ve already learned. Sure, there are certainly differences in the two languages when it comes to everyday vocabulary and pronunciation of certain letter. Nonetheless, it seems that the spoken Jordanian dialect is a more simplified version of MSA, making it easier for me to learn.”

“Another benefit for me is that Jordanian Arabic is one of the sub-dialects of Levantine Arabic, so by learning Jordanian Arabic, I’ll not only be able to speak to Jordanians, but I’ll also be able to speak to Arabs from the other Levant countries like Palestine, Syria and Lebanon using Levantine Arabic words and Jordanian slang that I’ll know they’ll understand. So, learning Jordanian Arabic is almost like learning the language of Jordan and these other countries as well.”

“I also chose the Jordanian dialect because Jordan is such a great place for language immersion. Not only are there beautiful things to see while I’m there like Petra and the Dead Sea, for example, but despite their reputation for being grumpy, many of my friends have told me that the Jordanians are actually a very friendly and hospitable group of people. And despite being surrounded by countries in conflict and turmoil, Jordan remains a relatively safe place for both its citizens and its tourists.”

“Oh, and one more thing – I really don’t have to travel to Jordan learn the language. I have a couple of Jordanian friends that I met through a language exchange program that I can practice with right here at my university. Besides, I really don’t have the time or the funds right now to take a course in the Jordanian dialect and travel to Amman, so what I’ve decided to do is to learn Jordanian Arabic online free through the Kaleela Arabic learning app.”

“The Kaleela Arabic learning app teaches me Jordanian Arabic phrases that I can use every day when I do get the chance to travel to Jordan. It’s really and fun and easy way to learn Jordanian Arabic, and the best part is I can learn when I want, where I want at my own pace, which is really convenient for me and my lifestyle. It really is the best way to learn Arabic, whether it’s MSA or any of the Arabic dialects.”

Well, there you heard it, folks. If, like our friend here, you’re interested in learning the Jordanian dialect, why not stop by our website and get the Kaleela Arabic learning app for yourself? It’s free from Google Play and

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