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Transportation Vocabulary In Arabic

Transportation Vocabulary In Arabic

Humanity’s first means of transportation involved walking, running and swimming. With the domestication of animals, however, came the ability for people to not only go farther, faster astride these great creatures, but much heavier loads could also be carried by these beasts of burden. Even though Arabs used camels for transportation in the past, Middle Eastern countries are now more urbanized than the world average – 75% compared to 50% – and their urban populations are expected to double by 2050. 

With the exception of the Gulf countries, walking is the main way people get around in all other Arab countries. Additionally, the ratio of car ownership throughout the Middle East is low – 120 cars per 1,000 inhabitants compared to 500 cars per 1,000 inhabitants in Europe – except in the Gulf countries and Lebanon, where the ratios surpass those of Europe. Moreover, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, and Egypt have a tradition of public transport, whereas in the Gulf States it is relatively new. 

Due to this diversity in transportation in the Arab world, we compiled a list of transportation vocabulary in Arabic that will help you in your journey across the Middle East.

Transport in Arabic /wasaa’il annaql / وسائل النقل

Singular Means of Transport in Arabic /Waseelatu annaql / وسيلة النقل

Car in Arabic /Sayyaarah/ سيارة

Bus in Arabic /Baas/ حافلة

Plane in Arabic /Tayaarah/  طيارة

Train in Arabic /Qitaar/ قطار

Motorcycle in Arabic /Darraajah naariyah/ دراجة نارية

Bicycle in Arabic /Darraajah hawaa’iyah/ دراجة هوائية

Taxi in Arabic /Taxi/ تكسي

Boat in Arabic /Qaarib/ قارب

Truck in Arabic /Shaahinah/ شاحنة 

Police Car in Arabic /Sayyaaratu shurtah/ سيارة شرطة

School Bus in Arabic /Haafilatu naqlin madrasiyah/حافلةُ نقلٍ مدرسية

Ambulance in Arabic /Sayyaaratu iss’aaf/سيارة اسعاف

Firefighter Truck in Arabic /Sayyaaratu itfaa’/سيارة اطفاء

Ferry / Ship in Arabic /Safeenah/ سفينة

Bridge in Arabic /Jesir/ جسر

Crossroads in Arabic /Taqaatu’ atturuq/تقاطع الطرق

Sidewalk in Arabic /Raseef/ رصيف

Highway in Arabic /Tareeq ‘aam/ طريق عام

Road in Arabic /Tareeq/ طريق

Railway in Arabic /Sikkah hadeediyah/سكة حديدية

Passenger in Arabic /Musaafir/ مسافر

Ticket in Arabic /Tathkirah/تذكرة

Conductor in Arabic /Qaati’ attathaakir/قاطع التذاكر

Wagon in Arabic /’Arabah/عربة

Take off in Arabic /Yuqli’/يقلع

Landing in Arabic /Yahbut/يهبط  

One way ticket /Tathkirit thahaab bilaa ‘awdah/تذكرة ذهاب بلا عودة  

Traveler in Arabic /Musaafir/مسافر

First class tickets /Tathkirah min addarajah al‘ulaa/تذكرة من الدرجة الأولى  

Visa in Arabic /Ta’sheerat dukhool/تأشيرة دخول

Seat in Arabic /Maq’ad/مقعد  

Passport in Arabic /Jawaaz safar/جواز سفر

Pilot in Arabic /Tayyaar/طيار

Please make sure to memorize these words as they will be useful when you want to get around. You never know which ones you will be using next. With the proper language skills you can take the Middle East by storm because you’ll be asking for your transportation in Arabic!`