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What’s Cooking? Arabic Breakfast Vocabulary

What’s Cooking? Arabic Breakfast Vocabulary

Since the end of Ramadan is near and the eid al fitr “عيد الفطر” (the Festival of Breaking the Fast) holidays are fast approaching, we thought this would be an excellent time to learn about breakfast since you can finally start your days again with a full stomach.

When you were a kid, you probably heard that fuTuur  “فطور” (breakfast) is the most important wajba  “وجبة” (meal) of the day.  Maybe back then you started breakfast with a bowl of Hubuub al-fuTuur “حبوب الإفطار” (breakfast cereal). Now that you’re older you might start your day with just a cup of qahwa “قهوة” (coffee) with a little Haliib “حليب” (milk) and some sukkar“سُكر”  (sugar) and maybe some mu’ajjanaat   “معجنات”(pastries). Maybe you’re not a coffee person and prefer to have shay “شاي”(tea) or just a simple glass of ‘aSiir “عصير” (juice).

While some people may feel that getting up early and having fuTuur fii al-manzil “فطور في المنزل” (breakfast at home) is a great way to start the day, others may prefer a quick stop at the qahwa “مقهى” (coffee shop) in the SabaaH  “صباح” (morning). (Yes, you see that correctly, the word qahwa can mean both the beverage and the coffee shop, which is a good thing to know if your brain is not quite awake before you’ve had your first cup of coffee in the morning.)
Whether you prefer to have breakfast at home, on the go, or even out at an Arabic restaurant with some friends, here are some things you are sure to find on the Arab breakfast table:

Arabic Vocabulary for Breakfast

English Transliteration Arabic
honey ‘asal عسل
coffee with milk qahwa bi Haliib قهوة بالحليب
coffee with sugar qahwa bi sukkar قهوة بالسكر
coffee with milk and sugar qahwa bi Haliib wa sukkar قهوة بالحليب والسكر
tea with honey shay bi ‘asal شاي بالعسل
toasted bread khubz muHammar خبز محمر
bread with butter khubz bi zabda خبز بالزبدة
bread with butter and honey khubz bi zabda wa ‘asal خبز بالزبدة والعسل
eggs bayD بيض
juice ‘aSiir عصير
orange juice ‘aSiir al-burtuqaal عصير البرتقال
apple juice ‘aSiir at-tuffaaH عصير التفاح
orange burtuqaala برتقال
apple tufaaHa تفاح
banana mawza موز
Haliib milk حليب

Since people differ on how they like their eggs cooked almost as much as they differ on how they prefer their coffee, here is a list of different ways to order your eggs in Arabic:

How do you like your eggs?

English Transliteration Arabic
hard-boiled eggs albyd almasluq البيض المسلوق  
fried egg albyd almaqaliu البيض المقلي  
scrambled eggs bid makhfuq بيض مخفوق  
omelet eujat albyd عجة البيض  

We’re pretty sure that you are jawan “جوعان”(hungry) after reading about all of these delicious breakfast words, so falanadhhab lanakula! “فلنذهب للأكل”(Let’s go eat!). Once your belly is full, come back here and visit us at Kaleela.com for more exciting Arabic lessons online that will not only feed your belly, but also feed your mind!
Until then, sahtayn! “صحتين”(literally, meaning “double health”, sahtayn is the Arabic equivalent to bon appétit!)