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Why should non Arabic speaker learn Arabic language?

Why should non Arabic speaker learn Arabic language?

Along the course of time, the way people interact and function has changed. Previous generations were contempt with finishing their studies, finding a job, build their homes and establish a family. Nowadays, more and more people are experiencing the feeling of wanderlust, preferring to experience more what the world has to offer them before they settle down. Other people focus on self enhancement and choose to enhance their linguistic skills just for the sake of it. We strongly believe that you should do more of what makes you happy.

Regardless of the reasons why you want to learn a new language (leisure, work, personal development), wouldn’t you agree that acquiring a new language skill is useful? Now the question is, why choose the Arabic language?

One of the most significant and substantial language

Arabic is the 5th spoken language worldwide, with 422 million speakers. It massively contributed to the advancement of science, medicine, philosophy. It also played a great role in literature, mathematics, navigation, astrology, and architecture. Many scholars believed that in order to fully study the contributions Arabs made in those fields, it would be more than necessary to know the language as well. Furthermore, the Arabic language promotes unity and friendship in the Muslim world. Not all Muslims speak Arabic, as not all of them are located in the Middle East. But due to the Quran, all Muslims stand united, as the Holy Book is written only in Arabic.

Arabic language is a way of understanding culture and people

Arabs take great pride in their language. And for good reasons! The language is rich in culture, highly diverse due to the dialects. Also, Arabs are very friendly. You will find great support and delight in the eyes of an Arab when they will hear your attempts to speak Arabic. The poetry is beautiful and diverse, trying to translate it in any other language will change its charm. Nelson Mandela used to say: “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.”

Increasing  job opportunities for non-Arabic speaker

You might have heard that there are increasing job opportunities for non-Arabic speakers, both in the Middle East and in the West. The Arab world is a fast growing market for trade, either for goods or services. Also, the West requires Arab speakers, but there isn’t much supply of them. Middle East started playing a more important role on the global market, which made Arabic language of higher importance than before. The West is ready to compensate for the language skill and the Middle East appreciates non-natives that can offer the advantages of both the West and East. So next time you are asking yourself what would be the advantages of learning Arabic, take a moment and reflect the many opportunities that will come with it.

We at Kaleela.com are here to fully support you in your learning journey, regardless of the reasons. You might do it for leisure, self-growth or seeking new work opportunities, our teaching methods are tailored to fit your needs and demands