Where can I download the app from?

The app is available on both Google Play and App store.

Where can I report a problem?

In case you encounter any difficulties, please send a message to info@kaleela.com or by accessing our website (the “Looking for support” section)

Who is Kaleela for?

Kaleela is addressed and designed for any non-native speaker that wishes to learn Arabic (Modern Standard Arabic and Dialects), regardless of their level (beginner or advanced)

How often do new updates to the service come out?

The service is regularly being updated from a technical and content standpoint.

Is it free or paid? What do both subscription types offer?

The app comes with one trial topic as free. The rest of the content is unlocked after choosing a type of subscription.

How much does it cost?

The subscription is time based, as follows: 1 month – 3$, 3 months – 6$, 6 months – 32$, 12 months – 55$

What do you get in a Kaleela course?

The courses contain different topics that teach words and phrases beneficial in daily life, with grammar included. Each topic has exercises that require students to speak, write, read and listen

What makes Kaleela’s method unique?

Through its teaching method, Kaleela offers buildable knowledge which enables the student to become an independent speaker, without the help of a dictionary or notebook. Also, the Amiyah courses offer a profound insight over certain dialects that are not represented enough on the market.

Can I buy the individual levels?

All content is unlocked during the chosen subscription period.

Can I try the course before buying it?

The app provides one free topic as a trial.

Can I pay in my local currency?

Subscription purchase can be made using local currency. However, payment will be subject of currency exchange.

How do I buy the membership?

You can buy your subscription type directly from the website or app or after finishing the trial topic.

How do I access my account?

Registering and access comes through both the app and the website.