Where are You Going? Directions in Arabic

Directions in Arabic

Where are You Going? Directions in Arabic

If you ever have the chance to visit one of the Arabic-speaking countries, chances are you’re going to have to ask for directions to all the beautiful sights to see, or, know how to get to your hotel. Or perhaps you’ll be standing on a street in Amman, Jordan waiting for a taxi, when all of sudden, a car pulls up next to you with a frantic driver and he rolls down his window and shouts, “Ayana aqrab almostashfa?” and you don’t know how to give directions in Arabic. Well, have no fear because after reading this article you will be able to visit the Sphinx or spend the night in your comfortable hotel bed.

Let’s start with questions you can use when asking for directions in the Arabic language:

English Arabic Pronunciation
Where… ? أين …؟ Ayna … ?
How do I get to…? كيف أصل إلى …؟ Kayfa asil ‘ilaa … ?
Where is the nearest…? أين أقرب…؟ Ayna aqrab … ?
Is this the way to…? هل هذا هو الطريق إلى…؟ Hal haathaa huwa attareeq ‘ilaa … ?

Now that you know how to ask for directions, you may want to also let the person you are asking where you want to go exactly.

Here are some places that might come in handy:

English Arabic Pronunciation
The hospital المستشفى Almustashfaa
The airport المطار Almataar
The police station قسم الشرطة Qism asshurtah
The mall السوق Assooq
The club النادى Annaadi
The museum المتحف Almuthaf
The post office مكتب البريد Maktab albareed
The bus station محطة الباص Mahtat albaas
The hotel الفندق Alfunduq

Here are some examples using the language you learned above:
Excuse me, Where is the airport?/ عذراً , أين المطار ؟/’uthran, ayna almataar ?
How do I get to the train station, please? / من فضلك , كيف أصل لمحطة القطار ؟/ Min fadhlika, kayfa asil limahatit alqitaar?
Where is the nearest Hospital? / أين أقرب مستشفى ؟ / Ayna aqrab mustashfaa?
Is this the way to The Mall? / هل هذا الطريق الى السوق ؟ / Hal haathaa attareeq ‘ila assooq?
Now that we’ve seen how to ask for directions, let’s take a look at how to give directions if somebody asks us for them.

Here are our examples:

English Arabic Pronunciation
Directions إتجاهات ‘itjaahaat
Go left (masculine) إذهب يسارا ‘ithhab yasaaran
Go right (masculine) إذهب يمينا ‘ithhab yameenan
Go left (feminine) إذهبي يسارا ‘ithhabee yasaaran
Go right (feminine) اذهبي يمينا ‘ithhabee yameenan
On the right على اليمين ‘alaa alyameen
On the left على اليسار ‘alaa alyasaar
First street أول شارع Awal shaari’
Second street ثاني شارع Thaani shaari’
Walk إمشي قليل Emshi qaleel
Straight ahead على طول ‘alaa tool
Cross the road أعبر الشارع A’bur ashaari’
I can show you! سأريك الطريق Sa’reek attareeq
Come with me! تعالى معى Ta’aali ma’i
Near قريب Qareeb
Far بعيد Ba’eed
Next to بجانب Bijaanib
Opposite مقابل Moqaabil
Between… and… بين … و… Bayna … wa…
Behind خلف Khalf

So, there you have it. Now you should be able to get around the Arab world and let other people know how to get around as well.

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