About Us
Kaleela is an Arabic app designed to fit the needs of any native and non-native speaker who wishes to learn Arabic online. Available for both Android and iOS, the app comes in a variety of languages: English, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Romanian, Turkish, Korean, Indonesian and Chinese.

The student can choose from a variety of online Arabic courses available. The Modern Standard Arabic (commonly known as Fusha) is designed to teach non-natives the foundation of Arabic language, regardless if the student has any prior knowledge of Arabic or not. The MSA lessons will aid the student in real life situations, from identifying objects, people and environments, forming and responding to questions, to producing sentences that are used daily. This course covers many topics such as basics, greetings, family, relatives and friends, housing and accommodation, numbers, weather, telling time, shopping, calendar, daily routine, common phrases, shopping, transportation, clothing, food, jobs, nationality and many more to come. The student can choose which topic they want to learn, rather than following a singular rigid path.

The Dialectal Arabic (Ammiyah) part of Kaleela consists of online Arabic courses that offer Egyptian Arabic, Syrian Dialect, Palestinian-Jordanian Arabic, Iraqi Dialect and Saudi Arabic. There’s one excellent reason any Arabic student should speak a dialect: it’s basically the only way to prove a person knows the language.

Moreover, there is a specially structured course for Arabic letters that includes videos with transliteration and the correct path to follow when practicing the Arabic calligraphy. The student can choose from a variety of online Arabic courses available.

Furthermore, with the newly released Arabic Grammar course, students can learn the structures of Arabic language. Thus, allowing any speaker to form grammatically correct sentences when acquiring new vocabulary.

Since language acquisition consists of many steps, at the end of each course, be it MSA or Amiyah, individuals will encounter fun, interactive and diverse quizzes which will enhance their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills altogether. The exercises scale in levels, starting from beginner to experienced, for which the guidelines of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages were followed to ensure international standards. Kaleela also offers extraordinary learning methods like teaching and memorizing information by building vocabulary gradually.

Another reason why individuals start learning a new language is to develop the ability to speak it fluently. However, you can't speak a language without understanding natural dialogues. That's why Kaleela includes a comprehension course that stimulates the students' ability to understand written and spoken Arabic so they are able to grasp the message delivered.