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Learn Formal & Spoken Arabic Online

Learning Arabic language has never been easier with Kaleela! Modern Standard Arabic or Arabic Dialects, regardless of what version of Arabic you want to learn, you have a variety of topics to choose from!


Based on the five skills of language learning

Based on the five skills of language learning


Variety of courses!

Modern Standard Arabic, Arabic dialects or Arabic alphabet, Kaleela has them all! Check them out on our Arabic learning app


Kaleela was created in accordance to the individual needs and gaps

reported by students while trying to learn Arabic online

Arabic Alphabet

Letter recognition is important because it enables beginning readers to figure out how printed text is associated with the spoken language. This online Arabic course is structured on three levels, each focusing on how to write Arabic letters and their pronunciation, including the basics, shapes and long and short vowels

Modern Standard Arabic

This online Arabic course is designed to teach non-natives the foundation of Arabic language, with lessons and exercises including daily usable vocabulary. It is a starting point for each individual to begin their own language journey, later on being able to dive into their chosen Arabic dialects

Egyptian Dialect

Arabic speaking countries developed regional dialects. Egyptian Arabic is widely known due to the produced movies and TV shows. The region itself attracts many travelers and foreign workers, and learning the local dialect truly helps in day to day situations

Jordanian / Palestinian Dialect

Palestinian – Jordanian dialect resources are under-represented in the market for books and audio resources. Not only that, but these materials prefer to present the dialect under the “Levantine” bracket, reason why Kaleela fills this gap after intense market research with its language learning app

Syrian dialect
Syrian Dialect

Our app will guide you through the challenging yet fun process of learning the Syrian dialect through easy and interactive lessons designed by people who actually live the language and use it on a daily basis. Start learning the Arabic dialect of Damascus today through Kaleela – the right way to learn Arabic!

Iraqi Dialect
Iraqi dialect is one of the most unique dialects in the Middle East. Even though the Iraqi Arabic has words pronounced differently than other dialects, we made sure our audios provide a perfect showcase of the spoken language. As always, we focused on usable daily vocabulary, while applying the same principles of language learning: by practicing listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Knowing Arabic grammar has its importance. It is a topic through which we learn to correctly convey meaning in Arabic, form coherent sentences, and protect ourselves from verbal error.

Arabic grammar classes are not boring or hard when the exercises are fun, friendly and in bite-size lessons.

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Kaleela was created based on the five skills of language: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing and Culture.

By learning these five skills, students will have full access to the language as native speakers do enabling

efficient language acquisition. The lessons and exercises offer video and audio content,

later on practicing the written and spoken Arabic


Is a skill that enables the student to understand every word of the message thoroughly. Kaleela incorporated lessons and exercises that asks the student to listen and repeat the words and letters presented


It helps the student improve all parts of the Arabic language. Learn to read Arabic script more efficiently in time with Kaleela’s comprehension exercises


Is the manifestation of the language used as a tool for communication. After listening the words and letters, students are asked to repeat. In time, any student will learn to speak Arabic fluently


This skill helps consolidating the grasp of Arabic vocabulary and grammar of the learner


It teaches students how you develop cultural sensitivity, cultural skill and building cultural awareness. Kaleela offers courses of Arabic etiquette and conduct


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