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Speak Arabic Like an Arab Mama or Baba

As he neared graduation, an Arab boy went to his father. “Baba, I’ve decided what I want to study,” the boy said.“What’s that, my son?” the father questioned.“I want to be an actor!” the boy exclaimed.The father answered with a laugh: “Oh, my boy, your pronouncing it wrong. It’s DOC-tor!” My father used to tell me that there’s a lot of truth in a joke and...

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Angry in Dialectal Arabic

Hey, you’re human and as a human, you have a multitude of emotions that sometimes you just can’t control. Anger is one of them. Some can control their anger better than others by showing restraint and trying to diffuse whatever made them angry in the first place. Others show no restraint at all and let cuss words fly out of their mouth that would make the Devil himself blush with...

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Arabic career

Why are you learning Arabic? Is it because you love to learn languages? Maybe you’ve always dreamed of visiting the pyramids in Cairo. Maybe you’ve met someone you’re interested in and want to be able to communicate with them better in their own language. Whatever the reason, when I ask this question of most Arabic language learners, I’ve found that there are pretty much two main reasons why...

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Arab Culture and Traditions

Being Arab, like being an American, is a cultural trait rather than a racial one, and just as Americans are of mixed race, ethnic and religious backgrounds, so too are Arabs. Though they may be different from our own, it’s these cultural traits that define the Arab world’s values which is also the subject of today’s post. The Arab Population The Arab world is made up...

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