So you’re a science geek and want to know something about Arab scientists? We have a list of the best Arabic inventions and the geniuses behind them.

Alkaline, alcohol, chemistry, astrology… Did you know that there are many Arab scientists that contributed to so many fields of study? In fact, they were so many Arab scientists that were so ahead of their time and their European counterparts! The list of fields and contributions they made goes on and on but today we’ll discuss a few! Who is Ibn Batuta? Ibn Batuta was an Arab...

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An Arab proverb says: “A bird in the hand is better than ten birds in a tree.”, In today’s post, we’ve got 24 words for birds in Arabic.

While traveling through the countries of the Middle East, you’ll notice that Arabs really have a love for birds.  Outside many shops, for example, you’ll often find a birdcage with a canary singing in it. (By the way, the name of the small bird in Arabic is nearly the same as it is in English – کناری or kanary.) What’s more, you also might find that...

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