How to properly use the Subject and the Verb in an Arabic Sentence

So far you’ve learned so many Arabic vocabulary words that you don’t know what to do with them. Well, in this article, Kaleela is going to show you exactly what to do with them by teaching you how to organize and structure your vocabulary into basic sentences in Arabic. Let’s get started! There are primarily three types of sentence structures in Arabic: the basic, the compound, and the clausal.  The basic has two...

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Parting Ways in Arab Culture

One interesting aspect related to saying “goodbye” in the Arab world is that saying goodbye can take a very long time! For example, I was on a phone call with an Iraqi student of mine one day and the end of the conversation went something like this:Me: “Okay, taalibee (my student), I will talk to you later.” Student: “Okay, ustaazee (my teacher).  Hello. Hello. Goodbye....

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