Check out our article on how to learn Arabic vocabulary, where we share tips and tricks. Learn Arabic efficiently and without getting bored.

Do you want to learn Arabic vocabulary efficiently? Let’s say you just decided to study Arabic. You started quite enthusiastically, thinking that soon you will be able to speak and write Arabic. You subscribed to a few YouTube channels, listen to a few Arabic audiobooks, checked the alphabet and maybe you even tried to play some Arabic games on your phone. Soon enough, your enthusiasm...

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Want to learn basic Arabic words? Why not start with the most common words so you'll be able to read and write in Arabic in no time.

Ahlan wa Sahlan! That would be a common greeting in Arabic, and if you will stay with us for this article, you will see what it means further down this composition. As you might have guessed already, here we will be mainly focusing on basic Arabic words, greetings, expressions, and questions. As you probably know, what would be the first thing you learn in a new...

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