Congratulations! You’ve finally finished that degree in Arabic!

So, what are you going to do with that graduate certificate in Arabic after you’ve worked so hard earning it?

Most likely, you’ll be looking at  jobs requiring Arabic language skills  and put that certificate in Arabic language to good use. The truth is,  you’re in demand as there are a lot of high paying jobs for Arabic speakers . And we’re not only talking about America. You see, all over the world there’re openings for some of the best jobs for Arabic speakers like you.

What are these jobs, you ask? Well, that’s what we’ll be looking at in today’s blog post. So, start polishing up that CV as we look at some of the best careers for Arabic speakers.

Careers in Communications

Work abroad in Arabic speaking countries as a foreign correspondent reporting on breaking news stories. If you’re not one to work in front of the camera, then why not try working behind the scenes? Job growth experts predict that need for Arabic interpreters and translators is likely to grow 24% by 2030. What’s more, media companies are always looking for translators and interpreters, who earn around $88,401 a year by following this degree. Not a bad a chunk of change at all.

Careers in International Finance

If you’re the “show me the money” then put your Arabic skills and cultural insight to work in international banking. In recent years, the Middle East has witnessed rapid growth within the banking industry. This translates (no pun intended) into many thrilling and challenging job prospects in the Arab world of finance.

Careers in Business

Help companies around the world start businesses in the Arab world with a career as a contract or corporate consultant. Work as a political risk analyst to help companies assess the risks of investing in the Middle East. What’s more, you can even work in a law firm that works with Arab companies and clients as a legal assistant. The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to the different businesses you can work with when you speak Arabic and follow this degree.

Careers in Education

Another field that speaking Arabic can give you a boost in is education. After all, with so many jobs for Arabic speakers to be had for, they’re going to need someone to teach them, right? Begin by being a private tutor, or get a teaching certificate and teach in public schools. Take it even further and get your Master’s degree and teach Arabic at the university and college levels, professor.

Careers in Government

When it comes to government jobs, Arabic speakers are in high demand. In fact, the U.S. thinks of Arabic as a critical language which means jobs for Arabic speakers are plenty. Work in the foreign service as a translator or interpreter. Help the intelligence sector analyze data. So, if you feel public service is your calling, knowing Arabic can help you get your foot in the door and pursuit this degree.

Finding high paying jobs and rewarding careers are all part of the benefits of learning Arabic language skills.

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