Here we are moving on to the next letter in the Arabic Alphabet. At Kaleela, we keep trying to present the Arabic language in detail so you understand it thoroughly. In this blog, we will start with a new letter in the Arabic alphabet: daal in the Arabic language. daal is equivalent to the letter D in English. daa is easy to pronounce and detect because it’s identical to the English D. Also, the letter daal only functions as a consonant letter. This blog will have all you need to understand the letter daal.

Get to know the letter daal in Arabic

Before we start with the shapes of the letter daal, we need to demonstrate an important note that states that the letter daal can only be connected from the right side. As shown below in the table, some Arabic letters can only be connected from the right side (1st group). The second group (2nd group) shows letters that can be connected from both sides.

1st group: 

Connected from the right side


2nd group: 

Connected from both sides


 daal falls in the first group, daa connects itself from the right side only. So, let us get to know the letter daal and give some Arabic letter words after the video.

As shown in the video, this is the shape of the letter daal standing alone. The form of the letter daal changes depending on where it appears in a word. So, we can have it either at the beginning of the word (initial), middle of the word (medial), or ending of the word (final). But firstly, notice that the letter daal is easy to write and it looks like a triangle without the left line and is written with a single stroke if it is standing alone and it looks like this “د.” As in: (دب) which means Bear. Now, let us get to know the different shapes of the letter daal and give some Arabic words with daal.

daal shapes

The letter daal has 2 forms, depending on its position in the word

   1. Initial (د): When it comes at the beginning of a word: 

As in:          دب     /dub/      which means Bear

Medial: 1) While being connected (ـد): 

As in:    حديقة     /Hadeeqah/     which means Garden

                                 2) While not being connected (د):

     As in:       وردة    /wardah/    which means Rose

Final: 1) while being connected (ـد):

     As in:      يد         /yadd/    which means Hand

                 2) Final while not being connected (د):

   As in:           قرد      /qird/    which means Monkey

To wrap up






                        دب       /dub/         


              حديقة         /Hadeeqah/         

                       وردة      /wardah/      


       يد             /yadd/    

              قرد      /qird/   


Here you have it for the letter daal. Always ensure to follow the steps and guidelines in Kaleela’s blogs. Kaleela offers its users more practice on both the website and the application, it covers all the material a learner requires. In addition, you can list and break down the Arabic language into classes and subjects to make it easier for you to learn the language gradually. At Kaleela we believe in creating and using a methodology in order for the learner. In order to receive all the information, someone requests. Starting with the Arabic alphabet's fundamental building blocks, we'll work our way up to help you master the language. positive and enjoyable manner. Also, you can watch a video about the letter Daal to have someone explain it verbally, The best approach to learn Arabic the right way is by downloading Kaleela.