So everyone was living peacefully in 2019 and hoping for a better year in 2020. And then Corona decided to pay mother Earth a visit. Everyone is stuck at home. The end.

Well, not exactly. More like: The beginning.

Welcome to the beginning of, what we hope to be, the end.

What Killed Us Was No Virus: Quarantine

We are all victims for this thing called Covid-19. It took over the world and we got stuck at home. Well, we are still somewhat stuck at home actually. It’s not so much fun is it?

This is why today we are planting a new idea in your quarantined minds. Learn Arabic! Why should you be studying Arabic at home? Well, we are listing a few good reasons why the best thing you can while stuck at home is studying Arabic at home.

Here’s why you should take your Arabic practice to quarantine with you.

It’s Not Like You Have Anything Else To Do

You want to be real with yourself? You don’t have anything to do. If you did, you wouldn’t be a true Coronial. Think about it: would you rather be sitting at home with no productivity OR actually get something done?

The narrative repeats itself every time. We know that you don’t feel like doing anything as part of your depressive mood during lockdown. However, you can totally change this around. Think about it.

In fact, most people learn things with a new level of efficiency when alone and forced to do it. Think about the time your mother made you do something. If you had to do it, you found all reasons to get it done. After all, we do like to find excuses to get us out of situations. Here, you have nowhere to run. You are stuck with… well, YOU. So why not push your Arabic language and improve your Arabic language?

Taking Control of Your Time: The Only Time You Can Guarantee

A lot of us don’t have time to learn new things. This is the perfect time to do this.

Here’s a story. You are working in your 9-5 day job which brings you home exhausted. Not only that, but you get home physically drained. You would barely be able to send and receive signals and messages from a language you already speak, let alone a new one. Now, all you have is time. It is valuable time that you could use to your advantage. So why not study Arabic daily and be your Arabic teacher? Being at home in an Arabic-learning environment is probably one of the best things you can do for yourself.

Any informative article out there will try to tackle the issue of time. Well, this is the BEST time because you have plenty of it.

The Final Words On This: Take Our Word For It, We’re Experts

Look for your Arabic resources and gather all your tips for learning Arabic. This is the best opportunity. You have all the things you need: time and… well, more time!

It surely doesn’t get better than this.

We are sure that you complained enough about all the boredom you felt. You probably started some pretty weird habits too! We don’t judge, so don’t worry. But, next time you start doing weird things at home with yourself like talking to walls, think about making good use of this time.

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