Let’s open this Arabic conversation book for Arabic bookstore vocabulary session 101. Here, we are in the middle of Arabic storybooks for beginners: Bookstore conversations!

It is meant to be a quiet place, but we still have things to say because we just can’t keep quiet.

In the bookstore, you will find fiction and non-fiction sections, as well as a million others. In the Arabic bookstore, you will find الكتب الخيالية  (fiction books) and الكتب الغير خيالية (nonfiction books), pronounced /kotob khayaliya/ and /kotob ghair khayaliya/, respectively. Setting that aside, let’s get learning on the only list you will need for an Arabic conversation at the library.

Here are our examples:

هل لديك بطاقة مكتبة؟Do you have a library card in ArabicHal ladayka bitakat maktaba
أجل، لدي البطاقة.Yes, I have a card in ArabicAjal ladai al bitaka
أريد أن أٌقدم لبطاقة المكتبة.I want to apply for a library card in ArabicOredo an oqadim libitakat al maktaba
كم كتاب أستطيع أن أستعير؟How many books can I borrow in ArabicKam kitab astatee’ an asta’eer
هل يمكنني استعارة عشر كتب؟Can I borrow up to ten books in ArabicHal yomkinoni isti’arat ashar kotob?
هل يمكنني تجديد استعارة هذا الكتاب؟May I renew this book in ArabicHal yomkinoni tajdeed isti’arat hatha al kitab?
كم من الوقت يمكنني استعارة هذا الكتاب؟How long can I borrow this book in ArabicKam minl waqt yomkinoni isti’arat al kitab?
هل الكتاب الذي ابحث عنه هو بالاستعارة؟Is the book I am looking for on loan in ArabicHal al kitab allathi abhath anho hwa bisti’ara?
أنا مدين… على الكتب المتأخرةI owe … for overdue books in ArabicAna madeen… ala kotob mota’akhira
ما هي ساعات العمل المكتبية؟What are the library hours in ArabicMa hiya sa’at al amal al maktabiya?
لقد أضعت الكتاب الذي استعرتهI’ve lost a book that I’ve borrowed in ArabicLaqad ada’to al kitab allathi ista’artoh
هذا الكتاب ارجع تالفThis book was returned damaged in ArabicHatha al kitab orji’ talif
سأدفع ثمن هذا الكتاب التالفI will pay for this damaged book in ArabicSa adfa’ thaman hatha al kitab al talif
هل لدى المكتبة كتب صوتية؟Does the library have audio books in ArabicHal lada al maktaba kotob sawtiya?

In conclusion

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