These days, more and more people are turning to language learning apps to learn Arabic. With so many of these apps on hand nowadays, it has us thinking: Just how effective are these Arabic learning apps anyway?

Well, it seems that we’re not the only ones asking this question. Recent studies by an American university also wanted to know if anybody really learns anything from a language learning app. Today we’re going to look at what they found, and the answers may surprise you.

First Study of Its Kind

Though millions have downloaded language learning apps, little research on their effects has been carried out. However, the folks at an American university decided to change that by looking into language learning apps in a somewhat new way. As a result, their vital and timely study added much to the field.

Before and After

Researchers chose 85 undergraduate students and had them download a famous language learning app to learn Spanish for 12 weeks. First, however, the students took a proficiency test to see how adept they were at speaking Spanish. What’s more, their Spanish vocabulary and grammar were tested as well. When the 12 weeks ended, researchers once again tested the 54 remaining students to see what they learned.

Survey Says…

Results showed learners in this study increased their oral skills and knowledge of Spanish through using a language learning app. This means that using a language learning app can really help improve Arabic speaking skills along with grammar and vocabulary.

However, it’s important to note how much time students spent with the app also had an effect on language improvement. Further, 59% of the students improved speaking skills by at least one sublevel. However, that number rose for students who spent 15 or more hours with the app to 75%.

Quitters Never Win

Of interest here is the fact that 36% of the students who signed up for the experiment ended up quitting. So, what does that mean for those who already learn Arabic with a Kaleela Arabic Language app on their phone? Well, it means a lot. Mostly, it means even if you have downloaded the best Arabic learning app you have to stick with it. Otherwise, you won’t see any progress at all.

So, is the Kaleela Arabic learning app the best app to learn Arabic with? Well, as studies show the more time you spend with it, the more you’re Arabic will prove. Best of all, with Kaleela, you can learn Arabic anytime, anywhere, all at your convenience. As a result, we certainly think it’s one of the best language learning apps ready for download today. However, don’t take our word for it. Visit our website and try it for yourself. After a few weeks of study, we’re sure you’ll soon feel the same.

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