Ahlan! We’ve previously posted some common phrases in Arabic, but after giving it some thought, we realized that common congratulations in Arabic deserve their own article. Why? Because we believe that the soul of an Arab is full of colors! Whenever there is a happy event or an episode of significance in a person’s life, an Arab will be happy for you, will want to celebrate it, and say to you congratulations. From weddings to buying a house, or even getting new clothes, you will be greeted and congratulated accordingly. Now, when you think about it, what are the most important milestones in a person’s life? A job, a house, marriage and eventually, children, and nearly everyone knows that family is the cornerstone of Arabic society.

Fun Fact: mabrook – the basic “congratulations!” in Arabic – is more of a slang term and considered a common mistake as it stems from baraka – “to lie down”, which is totally different from the meaning you want to convey! The other word mubarak stems from baaraka – “to bless” which is the meaning you’re really looking for.

With that in mind, let’s dive into some common congratulations in Arabic besides mabrook

May Allah bless you (response to mabrook)To a man: allah ybaarik feek
To a woman: allah ybaarik feeki
الله يبارك فيك
الله يبارك فيكِ
May God conclude this in wellness (when a couple gets engaged)allah ytammimlkum ‘alaa khairالله يتمملكم على خير
May this marriage be filled with luxury and children (when a couple gets married)birrafaah wa albaneenبالرفاه والبنين
May God make it a healthy child (when addressing a pregnant woman)allah yiga’aluh min azzurriyyah assaliHahالله يجعله من الذرية الصالحة
God protect him (the baby) and make you rejoice in him (when a baby is born)rabna yhfazuh wyfarHak feehربنا يحفظه ويفرحك فيه
From this to higher positions (for promotions)minhaa lil’alaaمنها للأعلى
Hopefully, we will celebrate you next! (sometimes used as a response to other congratulations)To a man: ‘uqbaalak
To a woman: ‘uqbaalik
May God give his soul rest (when giving condolences)allah yrayiH baaloالله يريح باله
Happy birthday‘eid meelaad sa’eedعيد ميلاد سعيد

When visiting a Middle Eastern country, or if one of your close friends is an Arab, it helps to know these phrases, as Arabs put an emphasis on manners. They will always return the favor (for example if you participate in their wedding) and they will be happy to celebrate with you whenever you pass a milestone in your life.

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