If you have ever seen any Egyptian movies that are so popular around the world, you may think that this is the widest form of spoken Arabic. This is why a lot of people learn the Egyptian dialect. It is the one most often heard in Western countries. Egypt’s official languages are Modern Standard Arabic and another fifteen dialects present in the country of the Pharaohs. Some of these include Noblin, the language of the Nubian people or Bedawi, the language of the Bedouin people of the region.

So how are the two dialects different?

You may ask what is the difference between the Egyptian dialect vs the Jordanian dialect? If you are an English speaker, for instance, you expect to be able to communicate with most English speakers, right? Think again in Arabic! The Egyptian dialect is not common across the other Arabic countries like Modern Standard Arabic is. Usually, the closer the countries the more similar the dialect.

The Egyptian dialect has phonology that differs slightly from other varieties of dialects. Also, it has its inventory of consonants and vowels. This is one of the differences between the Egyptian and the Jordanian dialects and accents. Other factors are things such as a difference in phrases. For example, here are some Egyptian dialect phrases to highlight the differences.

Nice to meet you – furSa sa3īda – literally “Happy chance”.
You would respond “ana l-as3ad” – literally – “I am happier”.
Welcome to Egypt – nawwart maSr – literally – “You have lit up Egypt”.

If you are traveling to Jordan, Palestine, Iraq or Syria you may feel more inclined to learn Amiya, which is the spoken or colloquial Arabic of the region. The Jordanian dialect is not as far away linguistically as Egyptian dialect from Modern Standard Arabic. This means that you will grasp the MSA easier from learning the Jordanian dialect than Egyptian dialect.

Another advantage of learning the Jordanian dialect is that when you learn this dialect you get two more for free! Palestine and Syria also speak a similar Arabic dialect. So, it is worthwhile doing your homework first before undertaking any study of the Arabic language to make sure that you will get the most out of your studies.

Learning Arabic has never been easier as now you can learn the Jordanian dialect online, both Modern Standard and Amiya Arabic. There are a lot of Jordanian people living and studying in western countries such as America, Canada, and Australia, so you should be able to find someone to practice with in addition to learning online.

Whichever dialect you decide to choose, have fun learning it and enjoy emerging yourself in the Arabic culture, no matter which region!

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