Why should you learn to speak Arabic? Well, if one of your New Year’s pledges was to learn a new language and you’ve yet to decide which language to learn, here are a handful of reasons to learn Arabic in 2021:

1) It’s One of Six Official Languages of the United Nations

Do you want to know why Arabic language is important? Look no further than the United Nations which officially states that there are six languages of the world. These are Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish. As a result, if you’ve been thinking of working in a job in a worldwide group, then knowing Arabic can be a real plus. This is even better if your mother tongue is one of the other six official languages.

2) Be Diplomatic

Along with working for global businesses, learning Arabic can provide you with more chances to work in a wide range of diplomatic roles right here at home. In fact, many American envoys to Arabic countries take the time to learn the language.

3) Uncle Sam Wants You!

These days, many U.S. military, political and economic groups have expressed their need for Arabic speakers. So, is Arabic worth learning? Well, if you’re thinking about a great career with Uncle Sam, then Arabic is surely worth learning! And don’t forget the earnings that go along with it!

4) Stand Above Other Job-Seeking Candidates

Speaking of working, not only are governments in the U.S. and Europe looking to hire Arabic speakers, but the demand for Arab speakers is really high right now among private businesses, too! In fact, as they start to expand into the Middle East, your new boss is looking for one who stands above those who decided to learn French or Spanish. So, are still doubting why Arabic is the best language to learn? Okay, then read on!

5) Learn About Arab Culture

Learning the Arabic language will open the doors to learning about the Arab culture – one of the richest and most remarkable cultures in the world! You’ll see why it’s really no wonder that many Arabs are so proud of their heritage. You’ll be proud to know them, too!

6) Take a Trip to the Middle East

Once you’ve learned the Arabic language and all about Arab culture, you’ll be ready to travel to one of the most gorgeous and historical regions of the world. Because you took the time to learn Arabic, you’ll be able to talk to the locals. Thus, you’ll also have a much more worthwhile and thrilling trip.

7) Learn About Islam

If you want to learn more about the world’s second-largest religion, then surely you’re aware of the importance of learning Arabic language in Islam. For instance, the Quran is written in classical Arabic, and prayer and worship is done in Arabic. This is true for Muslims around the world, whether they live in Amman or the U.S. As a result, if you’re keen on learning about Islam, then learning Arabic is a must.

8) It’s Never Been Easier to Learn

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