Corona has taught us how to use technology even better than we did. Another thing it did was confuse us with questions such as this: Should I go for online or classroom learning? Well, we can break it down for you. We are not going to go through online learning vs classroom learning statistics. We will, however, find out all about the benefits of classroom learning vs online learning.

Compare and Contrast

We can compare and contrast online learning v traditional classroom learning in an essay right now, but that wouldn’t be right. Nothing is ever 100% good or bad. There are pros and cons to everything. So instead of doing online learning vs classroom learning speech or essay, we will take a look at some advantages and disadvantages of online learning specifically. Traditional learning has been around since the beginning of time. Let’s explore the new way of learning that we never knew will be the only way for quite some time.

The Pros of Online Learning

The first advantage of online learning is that you can do it from anywhere. This means you could be in your bed or having lunch in the kitchen. All you need is a device and good internet access. The time and energy you would spend on moving from one place to the next as you would in classroom learning are eliminated here. You don’t have to worry about traffic or being late to class, especially getting told off by the teacher.

There are usually higher numbers of students in an online course as physical space is not an issue. Universities and teaching centers have lower requirements for entry as well. This only means that you can sign up for more courses than you normally would.

Your knowledge of technology will go from average to master in no time. All you are depending on is technology. Your technical skills and literacy will be taken to the next level.

In terms of finances, less money is spent on online courses as they require fewer resources. You don’t need the cost of the lecture room or technical resources within the room itself. The teacher simply shares the screen.

There are also fewer peer-related problems for those who have issues with peer pressure. Everyone is on his or her own. There is no form of peer pressure in this type of environment.

The Cons of Online Learning

However, online learning is not all fun and games. There are disadvantages as well. Because it is so flexible, you need to have extreme dedication and determination. You need to set yourself time to study.

You can also get easily distracted, which is a problem you wouldn’t face with traditional forms of learning. This is especially a problem for people who live with large families.

You may not have a stable internet connection. This is not something you would face in a classroom, simply because you wouldn’t need that.

There are different types of learners: visual, audio, and kinaesthetic. In other words, some people learn by seeing things, others by hearing them, and others by doing. Kinaesthetic learners will have an issue with online learning as they cannot do anything.

Some classes cannot be given online such as physical education classes or art degrees. This is because they are very hands-on. People need to be there physically in order to pass.

We cannot continue talking about disadvantages without mentioning the importance of human interaction. Sometimes, we need to see someone and tell them that we don’t understand all the resources that we read. When explained face-to-face, there is something about the body language and physical existence of people that makes us more comfortable.

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