So if you have started your Arabic-learning journey, you know there are a million ways to learn. But the question is: which way is the best way to learn Arabic?

Today we are diving into the different approaches that you can try to learn Arabic. Some will include an Arabic learning App or an Arabic course. Others will simply find any way to have you learn to speak Arabic in day-to-day routines.

So without further ado, let’s talk Arabic.

The Common Approach: Immersion

The most common approach is literally immersing yourself into the language and everything related to its culture, tradition, and related religious aspects as well.

Many Arabic learners take this as the fastest way to learn Arabic. This is because you start living Arabic. If you take the immersion approach, you would book a flight to an Arabic country of your choice and basically live.

As you can see, this is non-traditional way of learning. But it definitely is a lot of fun.

Grammar, Grammar… and More Grammar

As you probably already guessed, learning through the Grammar-based approach is a different story. Here, you are more traditional but very self-reliant.

Picture this: you holding a book packed with grammar rules and some vocabulary terms to help you understand the context. You would self-teach your way through the language.

Although it doesn’t sound like fun, but this is the way to go for those really busy people that can’t decide on a specific time of day to study.

Communication: The One We Already Know

The Communicative approach is definitely one that we are all familiar with. It’s basically when you’re in a classroom and your teacher is leading the way. Here, you would take all the sub-skills very specifically which includes: listening, writing, reading, and speaking. Language, grammar and vocabulary, are included within teaching the sub-skills.

Vocabulary-Based: The Not-So-Common but Modern Approach

So for this one, you are learning vocabulary by associating it with things around you. Through software, you would learn to match words with pictures and phrases with situations. This doesn’t teach you grammar, but you will start picking up on grammar material as you gradually progress in the levels of vocabulary phases.

This is approach is filled with visuals. It is quite a modern approach and many people are heading for it. Its popularity is growing nowadays.

What to Go For – Choose the Right Approach for You

So now you are wondering: well, they all sound great, but which one do I go for? In order to learn Arabic and find the best way to learn Arabic online during these Corona times, you need to find your reason.

If you want to simply manage your way through an Arabic country during vacation, then the vocabulary-based approach is a perfect option. It will teach you the right things to say. However, if you need to pass an Arabic course, then you might want to go full-throttle communicative-approach.

There is always that option of mixing and matching between approaches when you feel like one is not working, or you’re simple bored.

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