In our world today, we need to know all about the different countries, towns, and villages, especially if you have the love for travel in your blood. Maybe one day you will travel to the Middle East and people will ask you where are you from. It comes in handy to know the names of several countries in Arabic.

Today is all about recognizing the different countries around the world.

Let’s learn how to say country in Arabic, which means دولة /dawla/ or بلد /balad/. In Arabic بلدي /baladi means “my country”.

We know that countries are nouns, and it is because of that that they can be divided into feminine or masculine. Surprisingly, every country in the world is considered feminine. This applies to every town and village too. However, there are six special countries that are treated as masculine:

لبنان – Lebanon
الأردن – Jordan
المغرب – Morocco
السودان – Sudan
الكويت – Kuwait
العراق – Iraq

Notice that they are all Arab countries! Interesting, right?

Here are our examples of countries in Arabic:

Country in ArabicEnglishTransliterationNationality in ArabicTransliterationEnglish
لبنان Lebanon in Arabic/libnan/لبناني/libnani/Lebanese in Arabic
الأردن Jordan in Arabic/al ordon/أردني/ordoni/Jordanian in Arabic
المغرب Morocco in Arabic/al maghrib/مغربي/maghrabi/Moroccan in Arabic
السودان Sudan in Arabic/al sodan/سوداني/sudani/Sudanese in Arabic
الكويت Kuwait in Arabic/al Kuwait/كويتي/Kuwaiti/Kuwaiti in Arabic
العراق Iraq in Arabic/al Iraq/عراقي/Iraqi/Iraqi in Arabic
البرازيل Brazil in Arabic/al barazeel/برازيلي/barazili/Brazilian in Arabic
الصين China in Arabic/al s’een/صيني/s’ini/Chinese in Arabic
كوريا Korea in Arabic/koreya/كوري/koori/Korean in Arabic
الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية America in Arabic (US)/al welayat al motahida al amrikiya/أمركي/amriki/American in Arabic
بريطانيا Britain in Arabic/biritanya/بريطاني/biritani/British in Arabic
أستراليا Australia in Arabic/ostralya/أسترالي/ostrali/Australian in Arabic
الهند India in Arabic/al hind/هندي/hindi/Indian in Arabic
قطر Qatar in Arabic/Qatar/قطري/Qatari/Qatari in Arabic
سوريا Syria in Arabic/soriya/سوري/soori/Syrian in Arabic
ليبيا Libya in Arabic/leebya/ليبي/libi/Libyan in Arabic
روسيا Russia in Arabic/roosya/روسي/roosi/Russian in Arabic
ايطاليا Italy in Arabic/italiya/ايطالي/itali/Italian in Arabic
اسبانيا Spain in Arabic/esbanya/اسباني/esbani/Spanish in Arabic
أوروبا Europe in Arabic/orooppa/أوروبي/orooppi/European in Arabic
فرنسا France in Arabic/faransa/فرنسي/faransi/French in Arabic
المانيا Germany in Arabic/almanya/ألماني/almani/German in Arabic


Notice that in Arabic, the letter ya’ ي is added to indicate nationality. This is the opposite of the English language, which has some nationalities ending with “ish”, others with “an”, and others with “ch” like French.

Now, let’s move on to cities and villages. The word city in Arabic means مدينة pronounced /madina/, and the word village in Arabic means قرية pronounced /qarya/. Let’s take a look at a few examples of cities and villages in the Arabic language.

Here are a few examples:

القاهرة Cairo in ArabicCity/al kahira/
بغداد Baghdad in ArabicCity/Baghdad/
الرياض Riyadh in ArabicCity/arriyadh/
الخرطوم Khartoum in ArabicCity/al khartoom/
عمان Amman in ArabicCity/a’mman/
دبي Dubai in ArabicCity/dobai/
جدة Jedda in ArabicCity/jadda/
دمشق Damascus in ArabicCity/dimashq/
ادلب in SyriaVillage/idlib/
زقازيق in EgyptVillage/zaqazeeq/
غريسة in JordanVillage/ghareesa/

Let’s do some talking

أنا أحب الفرنسية /ana ohibo al faransiya/
I love French.

أنا لا أجيد اللغة العربية /ana la ojeedo al loghata al Arabiya/
I don’t know how to speak Arabic.

أنا لا أحب اللغة اليابانية /ana la ohibo al loghata al yabaniya/
I don’t like the Japanese language. Or I don’t like Japanese.

Whether you like these languages or you don’t, you now know how to say some of the world’s biggest countries in Arabic. You can probably figure out and pronounce the nationality of that country once you know what it is in Arabic. If you liked this article and would like to start learning Arabic, why not head over to our website and download the Kaleela Arabic learning app and learn to speak Arabic today? With the Kaleela Arabic learning app you can start learning Arabic on your own, at your own pace, whenever and wherever you want. It really is the best way to learn Arabic! Try it now and find out why.